wanda thibodeaux           Wanda Thibodeaux is a freelance writer originally from Caseville, Michigan. She graduated from Central Michigan University in 2006.  

          Wanda Thibodeaux worked as a consultant for the Central Michigan University Writing Center, where she specialized in academic writing. During that time, Wanda assisted hundreds of students with general papers, proposals, theses, résumés, and other documentation. This opportunity allowed her to work professionally with clients on a regular basis and to become familiar with multiple formats (APA, MLA, etc.) and the ins and outs of academic writing.  It also gave her the chance to become familiar with the difficulties encountered by English Second Language (ESL) students in writing and to develop personal methods of working through those problem areas. She has written on everything from fly-fishing to health products to popular movies, and to date her personal portfolio also contains published or unpublished forms of two novels, three novellas, and well over two hundred poems.

           As a writer, Thibodeaux's objective is not simply to produce a good piece of copy. Rather, Thibodeaux's objective is to work step-by-step with each client in a manner that allows the client to understand not only what changes have been made, but also why the changes were made in the first place. In that sense, Thibodeaux has the goal of producing better writers in addition to producing affordable, quality projects. This objective was the main inspiration behind her business website, http://takingdictation.com.

            Currently Thibodeaux lives with her husband, Christopher, in Eagan, Minnesota. She has been published in e-zines, on websites, and in other venues, and presently she is self-employed via her copyediting and copywriting website, http://takingdictation.com. It is her hope to continue to provide quality copyediting and copywriting services throughout the months and years to come.

            If you would like to see the type of work Wanda Thibodeaux has done in the past, click here to download her résumé.

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