Social Media as the Writer’s Best Friend

I’ve been an avid Facebook user for years now, and I’ve just recently signed on to the Twitter bandwagon. Most of the professionals I know emphasize the value of social media for social networking and climbing the business ladder, but for a writer, it has other benefits, too.

Social media is valuable to writers first because it serves as an inspiration source. Browsing through the posts on your feed can expose you to news, product advertising and the trails and successes of those around you. That might start you brainstorming about specific topics, such as how to find a babysitter in a pinch or the most creative activities to do with a drone.

Secondly, social media is a highly cost efficient way to post what you publish online, either through links or direct text. If you use the former option, you can up your rankings with Google and other search engines. In many cases, you can share what you write in other applications/sites via Facebook or other channels, simply by clicking a few buttons. This process gets your work more views, which can translate into more revenue, either from your work catching a new client’s eye or from pay based on the number of views for the work.

Social media is terrific for getting feedback at any point of the writing process. For instance, you might ask your followers or friends to throw some random writing topics at you, tell you which headline they prefer or read a work you’re about to publish an objective set of editorial eyes.

Lastly, social media can work as sales channels. You can announce you have new works for sale, that you’re having a writing event (e.g., a book signing) or even link to retailers that sell your work.

In this technological age, social media is transforming business dramatically. There’s no reason it can’t transform your writing activity, too. Be careful about security preferences, but take the time to create and connect multiple social profiles–the creative and financial rewards might surprise you.