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This website is a family of web pages that detail multiple formatting styles, including APA and MLA. The pages provide plenty of visual examples that are easy to find.

This website gives a basic overview of what styles to use when, based on your subject area.

The online version of the Chicago Manual. Requires a paid registration, but saves lots of time through the search feature.

A reference style similar to Chicago but designed for in-class, non-published works. This website features numerous visual examples of citations that are broken down in a logical order for quick reference.

This website provides links to the writing and style manuals from Diana Hacker. Many are available digitally as eBooks.

Don't bother to lug the hard copy of your dictionary around anymore! This website is the online version of the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Features links to a thesaurus, Encyclopaedia Britannica, word games, daily crossword, and more! Full search capabilities.

Search this online encyclopedia for answers to your burning questions. Features links to the New York Times, BBC News, classic literature, atlases, and more.

For Readers

Electric Literature
Oriented toward reviews, this site is a haven for readers who want to find curated reading lists, author interviews, and book-related conversation.

Book Riot
Shop for books, listen to audio, find newsletters, or watch Youtube videos related to reviews and releases.

Internet Archive
This non-profit site is a treasure trove of free books, magazines, music, and more. It also features a "Wayback Machine" that allows you to visit historical versions of websites.
Track your reading, get book recommendations, and see what books others are interested in. You also can promote your book if you're an author.

Taking Dictation
Taking Dictation

For Writers
A plethora of websites with data related to general writing, tips of the day, or more advanced writing like that done for grants and research.

Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors
This website compiles dozens of links to writing-related sources and topics, including grammar, style, avoiding plagiarism, and formatting. Must see!

Useful Print Resources

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (American Psychological Association): A must-have resource for anyone who works with APA format. Utilized in most colleges nationwide as a primary resource.

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (Gibaldi, Modern Language Association): The primary MLA guide for students and teachers; called the "style bible for most college students" by Newsweek.

Elements of Style (Strunk & White): Includes valuable advice on grammar, formatting, and presentation. Lightweight reference that is definitely worth throwing in your backpack!

A Writer's Reference (Diana Hacker): Thorough quick-reference guide to MLA, APA, and more. Includes sample citations throughout.

The Chicago Manual of Style (University of Chicago Press): The primary text for Chicago style formatting, this manual has been updated to reflect technological advances and changes in American grammar. A bit more expensive than the other manuals above, the Chicago Manual is hardcover and features over 1,000 pages of material.

A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (K. Turabian, University of Chicago Press): This manual outlines the formatting style known as Turabian, so named after the formatting designer, Kate Turabian. The style is similar to the Chicago format but is designed for class-oriented work rather than for works intended for publication.

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Taking Dictation
Taking Dictation