Faithful on the Clock is a podcast dedicated to ensuring your faith and work align. You won’t find mantras or hacks here--just scripture-based insights to help you grow yourself, your company, and your relationship with God. If you want out of the worldly hamster wheel and want to work with purpose, then this is the show for you. Hosted by freelance business writer Wanda Thibodeaux.

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  • Making Temporary and Gig Workers Feel Welcome
    Gig and temporary workers now account for over a third of the American workforce. This episode of Faithful on the Clock discusses how you can make these workers feel more at home when you bring them into your company. Timestamps: [00:05] - Intro [00:36] - The gig economy is growing rapidly, with some experts predicting […]
  • 3 Trustworthy Keys to Handle Cancel Culture with Grace and Confidence
    Examples of cancel culture are visible everywhere. But what do you do if accusations hit you, someone on your team, or the entire company? In Episode 24 of Faithful on the Clock, you’ll learn what the biggest logical problems with cancel culture are and get advice on how to behave in the face of allegations […]
  • How to Audit Integrity in Yourself, Others, and Your Business
    How can you tell if someone has integrity (including you)? Is it present in your office? This episode of Faithful on the Clock gives 11 things that indicate good integrity. Plus, we’ll walk you through the basics of a business integrity audit. Timestamps: [00:05] - Intro [00:44] - Definition of integrity differentiates you and has […]