A Smart Alternative to Using Word-of-the-Day Tools

Word-of-the-day options can be FANTASTIC. But if you want to make sure you learn new words YOUR audience uses and understands, here’s an alternative.


The idea here isn’t that word-of-the-day options are bad. You’re talking to a person who used to read the dictionary as a kid. But I AM saying that every group is going to have its own set of understood language. If you want to communicate to a specific group, you have to know the language they know. That requires reading from authors in that group and learning about topics that connect for them. It’s like learning business lingo.

word-of-the-day dictionary entry

So, if you like your word-of-the-day email, please keep it. I use one myself. But think of this like fine-tuning your vocabulary learning. You’re just targeting your “research” based on the intended audience.

To have a little fun with this, in the comments on Instagram, share a word or phrase you tend to use only within specific contexts or communities. Include where you learned it!

Image credit:
Dianne Hope from Pixabay