Need a Book Launch Team? Here’s How to Build One

A book launch team can be the difference between a bestseller and a flop. In this short video, I summarize how to put one together.

A few things to remember:

1) A book launch team takes time to pull together. You’re wise to figure out who to invite well before the book is even finished so you have people to beta read for you.

clocks book launch timing

2) A book launch will need to happen from many angles. Emphasize that it’s OK to offer support in whatever way suits their life, whether that’s talking about the book, buying copies, researching, etc., The most important thing is that they follow through with the support level they promise.

3) Timing is critical. Much of the work of a launch team happens before the book is released and helps get the book ready to publish. But focus hard on the first two to three weeks after the book becomes available, too. That’s when it’s most critical for the team to be talking about the book, leaving their reviews, etc. The goal of the team is to give the book a start that’s strong enough to get some serious momentum going.

4) Being methodical is your friend. There will be a lot happening with a lot of different people, so the spreadsheet you make is a great way to stay on track for tasks everyone still needs to do. Check the sheet often and don’t drop the ball!

Image credit:
Markus Kammermann from Pixabay