The Value of a Reading Nook

Caught these two boys finding a perfect spot to read at my library’s book sale. I love that they just flopped on the floor with books. Made me remember the reading nook I had in my crab-apple tree.

books in reading nook under the table

Part of me understands that these boys were just looking for a spot out of the way of everybody at the sale. But what is it about finding a little private space to enjoy a book that’s so awesome? I don’t know if it’s just this subconscious understanding that it means few to no interruptions, the control of the space, or what. Maybe it’s something around having the privacy to react to what you’re exploring on the pages however you want.

If I’m really honest with myself, I wouldn’t mind a clothesline blanket fort to read in once in a while. When I was suuuuuper little, I had this cardboard play house we’d set up sometimes. I’d go in there for entire afternoons. Still remember the inchworm I found moseying along next to the door. He was awesome. 😆😍 I was always trying to find a new hidey hole.

I guess the point is, the space where you read is part of the experience of reading. The same is true of writing. It influences how you take in the books. Right now, I dream of a cozy Victorian library with a little fireplace.

Show me the reading nook you have or dream of in the comments on Instagram, everybody. Where do you read (or wish you could)?