Top 10 Signs You’re a Writer

10 signs
Photo by eroyka on Pixabay

Not sure if you’re reeeeeeeally a wordsmith? These are the top 10 signs authoring is in your blood.

1. You have at least one type of notepad or word processing application on your smartphone and use it to jot down ideas on the go.

2. All of your subscription services involve things like headline writing, social media scheduling, and self-publishing.

3. You have a stack of unused notebooks large enough to collapse and kill you in your sleep.

4. You automatically assume that all the emails you send won’t have responses for at least 8 weeks.

5. Your computer is always on, and you leave Microsoft Word or Google Docs running no matter what else you are doing on the machine.

6. Coffee happens no matter what the clock says.

7. If you discover a book won’t fit on your bookshelf, you don’t consider that you have too many books. You naturally just accept that you need a bigger shelf.

8. People always give you gift cards to stores like Barnes & Noble for your birthday or the holidays.

9. 99.99% of your social media envy is about people announcing their new agent.

10. You actually care what weight a pencil lead is and what type of ink a pen has.

Got any other points to add to these 10 signs? Leave your comment to share the ways YOU tell writers from other folks.