Want to Self-Publish a Book? Here’s What You’ll Need

You need more than a finished manuscript to self-publish a book. In this video, you’ll learn the other basic resources you need to prepare before you launch.


re: ISBNs — It’s MUCH cheaper in bulk! If you know you’ll write and self-publish a lot, go for the 100-ISBN bulk package.

re: art — Tools like Canva and AI generators are viable options and can save you in a budget pinch. Quality can still be fantastic. Consider, too, that in an age where polished is fading in favor of a more authentic approach, using your own art or photos can work. But remember your fellow artists. Pay a pro if you can. Bonus = they’ll promote your book to promote their work.

re: blurb — This is your elevator pitch. Imagine what you’d write in the first paragraph of a traditional query letter. That paragraph is supposed to introduce your concept in a gotta-find-out-more way, and your blurb should work similarly.

re: marketing plan — I mean it when I say detailed. Know exactly when you will post, where you’ll appear as a guest, etc. Lay out a budget to the penny. Think about how each point connects to others (e.g., guest blog could lead to podcast appearance).

re: launch team — The best time to sell a book you self-publish is BEFORE the launch, not after. Get people behind you to help!!! Their reviews will guide MANY other buyers.

re: formatting — Each book you self-publish might need multiple versions. If possible, release all the versions at the same time so buyers always have a choice and don’t have to wait for what they prefer.

self-publish a book

The beauty of self-publishing is that, although it takes a ton of time to get all of these resources together, once you have them, you are in control of what happens with your work. Not every writer wants or needs that control, but if you prefer to keep it, the advantages can be substantial.

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